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Evgeniia Razumovskaia

PhD student
University of Cambridge

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Welcome! ☀️

Hi everyone!

I'll try to post here from time to time about some research ideas which I learnt about recently and found interesting. And sometimes about PhD life in general.

You might find this blog useful:
  • if you're looking for paper summaries on certain topics, probably, on multilingual NLP, dialogue and linguistics;
  • if you'd like to learn about student life in several places -- I've lived and studied in Scotland, England, Germany and the US;
  • if you're interested in learning about my research in a less academic, more reader friendly manner (hopefully);
I can't promise:
  • that the posts will be regular (but will try my best);
  • that the posts will be only about research -- there might be some thoughts about PhD life, moaning about ever failing experiments etc;
  • that the blog will be an exhaustive directory with all the papers on a topic;
Enjoy! 🍿